We get it, sustainability can be hard. That’s why we’re here. Verity offers truly sustainable packaging solutions to brands and businesses committed to combating the plastic crisis. We are on a mission to raise the standards in both packaging options and services to our clients. 

 After searching tirelessly for truly sustainable packaging options, we still found ourselves empty handed. We came to realize how confusing the process can be and the lack of transparency for consumers and businesses alike. So, with a team of engineers and industry experts, we crafted a timeless range of packaging solutions to be reused and recycled - and we’re pretty damn proud.

Truly Sustainable. Truly Superior.

Hats off to bioplastics, coated cardboard, and other greener alternatives that are a step in the right direction. We see your efforts, yet unfortunately many of these options still produce waste. We’re here to raise the bar.

At Verity, it’s simple. Our engineers have carefully designed a line of packing options with the most superior materials-aluminum and stainless steel. While only 9% of plastic actually gets recycled, aluminum is 7x more likely to be recycled and can be infinitely renewed. 

We are proud to offer reusable, hybrid, and fully recyclable solutions. Together, we want to work towards a world without waste. We’re obsessively passionate about it and know you will be too. It’s about damn time!